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Offering over 40 years experience . . . Aldayna Stone Care & Maintenance specializes in polishing, sealing, maintenance, restoration and repair of natural stone materials such as marble, travertine, limestone, granite, slate, flagstone and concrete on floors and countertop surfaces. Our work is tailored to our customer needs, and we do exterior & interior work in both residential and ...


We have over 25 + years in stone polishing, honing, grinding, cleaning and sealing any natural surfaces: Marble, travertine, Slate, Granite, and Limestone S tone C are R es toration & M aintenance

Marble, Limestone, and Travertine Maintenance Guide

Marble, Limestone, and Travertine Maintenance. Marble, limestone, and travertine are quarried products. Color and shade variations, irregular markings, voids, pitting, veins and differences in density are to be expected to some degree. They''re part of the natural beauty of stone and will not impair the function or wearing qualities of the material.

How to Clean Limestone Tiles

If water no longer beads on limestone, it''s a sign the stone needs to be re-sealed. When it''s time to apply sealer to your limestone tile, follow these steps: Step One: Thoroughly clean the floor using a pH neutral cleaning product that''s safe for usage on materials such as limestone, marble, etc. Step Two:

Marble Maintenance: How To Clean Marble Answers

Really, cleaning marble is not difficult... but it is not as forgiving as granite, so a solid understanding of marble care is a must to avoid damage and repair it properly when necessary.. That''s true for travertine and limestone too.These stones behave just like marble thus, all information regarding "marble cleaning", care and repair provided in the ebooks is the same for travertine ...

Marble, Granite Countertops & Floor Polishing | Philadelphia

It goes without saying that the way your facility looks is a reflection on you. That''s why we provide expert services, such as surface repair, refinishing, and restoration, sealing and protection, deep cleaning and sanitizing, and more, for a wide range of surfaces, including marble, travertine, limestone, terrazzo, slate, granite, tile and grout, concrete, vinyl and linoleum, and metal.

Care and maintenance of a marble and limestone floor

Care and maintenance of a marble and limestone floor. To keep your stone floor looking as good as the day it was first installed you need to maintain it. honed limestone floor. Follow these few simple rules and you will keep your floor in tip top condition for  years to come.

Repair and Maintenance of Historic Marble and Limestone ...

Repair and Maintenance of Historic Marble and Limestone Structures: Regular Maintenance Key to Longevity - By Arthur L. Sanders, AIA and Lawrence E. Keenan, AIA, PEHoffman ArchitectsWhether you''re thumbing through the pages of a history book or surfing the web, it''s easy to see that stone is a lasting testament to architecture through the ages.

NYC Stone Care | New York City Marble & Stone Repair

You will find a lot of "cleaning companies" offering this service and using extremely harsh abrasives and acids to destroy your stone for you. When this occurs we can usually fix their problem but it can cost a lot more to sort out. Get the marble and stone restoration done right first time, call us at 1-888-318-8990.

How to Clean Marble: 14 Steps (with Pictures)

 · Marble is a beautiful stone classically used in the construction of countertops, floors, and accents on furniture. It is limestone that has metamorphosed and combined with natural elements, resulting in a relatively soft material veined with a range of colors and patterns.

Natural Stone

 · Limestone and marble are acid sensitive and therefore a ph neutral detergent should be used to prevent damage to the stone surface. Sealing Natural Stone: The stone must be allowed to dry fully after cleaning so that the sealer is properly absorbed.

Care & Maintenance: Limestone & Marble

Maintenance For the care and maintenance of the surface, it is recommended to use a stone oil. Fredericia recommends using Leather Masters stone oil, which is a transparent oil. The kerosene helps to saturate the surface and makes it more resistant to dirt and grime.

Limestone Maintenance Floors, Countertops, & Showers ...

JK marble provides limestone maintenance by determining the use of traffic and use. From there, we can put a maintenance plan into motion. Due to nature, Limestone is soft and very porous, that is why great care must be taken in preserving it. Improper cleaning and poor maintenance …

Marble and Limestone

At Marble Plus Floor Care, we know what it takes to make your marble and limestone look sensational. We can hone to erase wear patterns, scratches, etches and spots and then polish with diamond-infused pads or polishing powders to achieve the desired finish, …

Marble & Limestone Cleaning, Polishing & Restoring Experts ...

We understand the characteristics of marble floors very well that''s why we at Restoration Stoneworks are Chicago''s most preferred marble & limestone floors cleaning cleaning, polishing, repair, sealing, restoring, maintenance experts. For FREE quotes, call 630-816-3756 today!

Cleaning Tips for 6 Types of Stone Countertops

 · Whether you choose concrete, granite, limestone, marble, quartz, or soapstone, it is important to learn how to care for each type of stone properly to prevent damage. We''ll take a look at the proper care of each specific type of stone countertop, but there are some general care …

Marble Cleaning Guidelines | Cleaning Marble and Limestone ...

Cleaning Marble or Limestone – intensive cleaning. Vacuum; Vacuum or wipe tiles to remove loose grit from the surface. Scrub; Scrub a small area (about 3-4 square metres) using a light solution of a cleaner safe for use on marble or limestone, such as Slique''s Heavy Duty tile cleaner.

Repair and Maintenance of Historic Marble and Limestone ...

Repair and Maintenance of Historic Marble and Limestone Structures: Regular Maintenance Key to Longevity - By Arthur L. Sanders, AIA and Lawrence E. Keenan, AIA, PEHoffman ArchitectsWhether you''re thumbing through the pages of a history …


Limestone & Marble Poultice is suitable for interior and exterior cleaning of horizontal, vertical and overhead surfaces. ADVANTAGES • Thoroughly cleans sensitive stone without etching or bleaching. • Restores color and surface texture of polished and unpolished stone. • Safe, low-odor non-acidic cleaning system,

Marble, Granite, Limestone Restoration and Cleaning ...

Posh Floors Ltd is a specialist in fixing, restoration, maintenance and cleaning services for marble, granite, limestone, concrete and all other natural stone surfaces. Give us …

Limestone Cleaning, Polishing, Restoration | Philadelphia

We also recommend care products to keep your limestone looking its best. For a free estimate on limestone cleaning, limestone refinishing, and limestone repair in the Philadelphia and Delaware Valley area, use our online contact form or call (610) 356-4100 today.

Marble Cleaning | Marble Grinding Stone | Elitemarblecare

Elite Marble Care is one of the premier restoration and maintenance companies for all natural stone surfaces serving Commercial and Residential Customers in greater Los Angeles and all of Southern California. We are experts in cleaning, polishing, honing, grinding, cleaning and sealing of marble, granite, travertine, limestone and all other ...

Care And Maintenance

NATURAL STONE CARE & MAINTENANCE (ADDITIONAL PRODUCT INFORMATION BELOW) Marble, granite, quartzite, travertine, limestone and slate are quarried products. Stones are a natural honed or polished rock, not factory-made or fired. No two pieces are alike and there are inherent variances in all stone.

Limestone Cleaning and Polishing – EK Marble – Stone and ...

Limestone like marble and other calcareous stones, are referred to as acid sensitive and care and maintenance is a important factor to keeping it in good condition. Limestone subjected to exterior exposures deteriorates due to weathering or the natural effects of wind, rain, and thermal change. Limestone is extremely durable.

Santa barbara marble polishing, sealing and restoration ...

Marble floor polishing, honing and sealing Decks, Furniture, Fireplace surrounds, Hallways, Entries, Walls, Fountains, Driveways. Resurfacing counter tops and marble floors and showers. Application of penetrating sealers. Repair chips and seams. Marble cleaning. Marble polishing. Marble repair. Marble care. Marble polishing and repair. Marble ...

Granite, Marble, Limestone and Quartz Worktop Maintenance

Granite, Marble, Limestone, Quartz and Composite Stone Worktop Maintenance. At Stone Surface Ltd we supply the finest quality Granite, Marble, Limestone, Quartz and Composite Stones from across the globe to offer our clients an exclusive range of quality kitchen worktops, bathroom worktops, and commercial countertops for your home or office.

Dos & Donts of Cleaning Marble Worktops: How to clean marble

 · Cleaning marble can also be done by using a commercial stone cleaner. ''How to clean marble'' is a problem that is easy to address as long as you stick to a regular maintenance schedule. Q2. Is baking soda safe for marble? Cleaning marble could be a tricky affair since it is a porous material and usage of acidic substances can damage it.

Restoring Limestone, Removing Mildew and Mold

For interior limestone, it may be necessary to dry limestone. Use a heat gun and gently dry the tiles. Check the moisture periodically by using a damp meter, and stop applying heat once the stone is dry all the way through. This is less necessary for exterior limestone, though cleaning should be saved for a warm and sunny day for proper drying.

Marble Cleaning and Restoration | George Gamboa''s Stone Care

For marble cleaning and restoration, natural stone polishing - marble floor restoration, Silicon Valley, marble polishing, Granite sealing, limestone. Call Us Now. 831.809.5454. 650.208.1600. Ca. Lic. # 838844 George Gamboa''s Stone Care is a premier ...

Travertine, Marble and Limestone Repairs

 · Travertine, Marble and Limestone Repairs Services. Stone Care of Arizona is the Travertine, Marble and Limestone Repairs expert! Stone Care of Arizona, the Arizona Travertine, Marble and Limestone Repairs can restore your natural stone inlay. Give us a call at 480-625-0557.

Marble, Travertine, Limestone, Granite

Marble floor restoration, cleaning and polishing. Travertine cleaning, and sealing. Removal of scratches and itches. Removal of lippage and surface flattening. Limestone resurfacing. Granite crack repair, restoration and polishing. Grout repair and cleaning. Get a Quote Now.


Orlando Travertine Restoration. 390 North Orange Ave, Suite 2300, Dept. A, Orlando, Fl 32801. (407) 279-3739. Travertine Cleaning & Repair Orlando FL (407) 279-3739 - Google My Maps. Open full screen to view more. This map was created by a user.

Poulticing Rust Stains From Limestone And Marble | GSA

 · Dutchman Repair Of Marble Procedure Code: 445522S. Epoxy Patching Small Cracks and Holes in Marble Procedure Code: 445503S. General Method Of Cleaning Mankato Stone/Yellow Kasota Marble Procedure Code: 445501S. Marble: Characteristics, Uses And Problems Procedure Code: 445501G. Methods Of Cleaning Dirt On Marble Procedure Code: 445506S

Master Marble Ltd

Master Marble Ltd has been carrying out marble resurfacing and restorations for over 20 years in the industry on cleaning, repairing, removing and polishing array of of different materials. From Marbles to Quartz, to Granite and Limestone.

Limestone and Marble Floor Cleaning and Restoration ...

Limestone and Marble floors should be beautiful and such an asset to any home, with the correct maintenance and care they should last for many many years. It can be so frustrating to see your Limestone floor showing dirty grout and surfaces and damage such as scratches, dull etch marks from spills and cracks or pits / holes.. The great thing about limestone floors is that with the correct ...